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Hi, I'm Daniel Patrick Smith.

Originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, I am a taller-than-average, left-handed, color-blind mama's boy who dreams of eating pizza on the beach. I'm also an actor, continuously trying to better myself, promote optimism, and create a space for communication and empathy through my art and my everyday. Thanks for coming to my website!




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"Daniel Patrick Smith, playing Buddy, is the linchpin of the show, and he manages to pull off the over-the-top mirth that makes his character so charming and lovable. His impressive vocal range and ability to make the most foolish statements seem utterly sincere won our audience over early, and their affection only grew.”

Kids Out and About, Albany NY

“Buddy, played by Daniel Patrick Smith was both silly and enduring. His singing and dancing were spotless and he truly captured the innocence and loving nature of the man-turned-elf. While I could see the influences of Will Ferrell's original portrayal, Smith made Buddy his own and added his unique take to the character.”

About Indianapolis

“Daniel Patrick Smith is terrific as Buddy. He...reminds you of a young Danny Kaye.”

WAMC Northeast Public Radio

 “It's hard to believe this is his first national tour.” 

Herald Bulletin: Indianapolis



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