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"Smith brings his rich voice and fine sense of comic timing to the part and makes an endearingly awkward, yet charming hero."


"He lights up the Good Theater stage with a boyish charm, priceless facial expressions and a voice that is a sheer pleasure to listen to, no matter how silly the song lyrics."

Portland Press Herald


"As Doug, Daniel Patrick Smith is a sweet bundle of goofiness.  His performance looks effortless, but it's sturdily constructed from concentration on his fellow actors and sharp comic craft."

Seven Days, Vermont




"Daniel Patrick Smith - tall, thin, unctuous - plays Audrey I's sadistic dentist boyfriend with oily perfection while sniffing laughing gas...He also plays multiple other characters, including one in drag, with aplomb."

By Leon Graham, Lakeville Journal Theatre Review


Daniel Patrick Smith is delightful. He doesn’t overplay Buddy’s naïveté. He’s sweet. And funny. And – most important – sincere. It makes all the difference. The fact that he’s a fabulous singer doesn’t hurt, either.”

Cincinnati Enquirer


“Secondly, if you’re going to play a character made famous by a star like Will Ferrell then you have to be brave, charismatic and uninhibited. Daniel Patrick Smith is all those things and more.  With a likable stage presence, a tremendous singing voice, and the ability to play “Buddy” without being annoying, this young man knocks it out of the park.”

The Sappy Critic


Daniel Patrick Smith is excellent as Buddy, earnestly capturing the character's uber-optimistic exuberance and fish-out-of-water naivety. Mr. Smith sings wonderfully as well, and skillfully executes the physical comedy needed for the show.

Talkin' Broadway, Cincinnati


“Buddy, played by Daniel Patrick Smith was both silly and enduring. His singing and dancing were spotless and he truly captured the innocence and loving nature of the man-turned-elf. While I could see the influences of Will Ferrell's original portrayal, Smith made Buddy his own and added his unique take to the character.”

About Indianapolis


 “But it takes a multi-talented actor to pull off Buddy's purity of mission and tenacious belief in Santa. Daniel Patrick Smith… is in all but one scene and, even with a thin 6-foot-4 frame, dominates the stage every time he's on it. Seeking a comparison to Ferrell will disappear in the first few minutes. And he'll win over everyone by the time he picks up hand bells from a Salvation Army volunteer and rings them perfectly.  It's hard to believe this is his first national tour.” 

Herald Bulletin: Indianapolis


Daniel Patrick Smith is terrific as Buddy. He is eager without being annoying, lovable without being cloying and energetic without being exhausting. You believe in the character and want the best for him. He is also a good singer, a fine dancer and has a delicious sense of comic timing.  Smith’s performance holds the show together and he does it without doing a Will Ferrell imitation.   If you’d like a point of reference, (one best for grandparents) Smith, especially with his red wig, reminds you of a young Danny Kaye, especially in the “Carol of the Bells” number.”

WAMC Northeast Public Radio


Daniel Patrick Smith, playing Buddy, is the linchpin of the show, and he manages to pull off the over-the-top mirth that makes his character so charming and loveable. His impressive vocal range and ability to make the most foolish statements seem utterly sincere won our audience over early, and their affection only grew.”

Kids Out and About, Albany NY


“What sets this Buddy apart is the versatile singing of Daniel Patrick Smith...”


“Fans will love actor Daniel Patrick Smith who plays an entertaining, 

always smiling and true-to-the-spirit of Buddy the Elf.”

Michigan Live


Daniel Patrick Smith plays the role of Buddy with infectious enthusiasm, a sunny spirit and an animated style that makes the audience fall in love with his character.”

Wyoming Kentwood Now


“…Daniel Patrick Smith brings to mind the charismatic Danny Kaye. 

His Elf glides through serious business with a wink and a nod.”



Daniel Patrick Smith brings an enticing balance of smirk and childlike innocence to the role.”

Lexington Opera House


Daniel Patrick Smith… conveyed this spirit with the right stage presence for the role — wide-eyed innocence (even though Buddy is 30), elfish charm, clever gestures, a great singing voice, and considerable agility.”

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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